Dubai Visa Lottery Application Form 2018/2019 | How To Apply Here For Dubai Visa Lottery –

Dubai Visa Lottery Application Form 2018/2019 | How To Apply Here For Dubai Visa Lottery –

Dubai Visa Lottery – Dubai Visa Lottery Application Form 2018Dubai Visa Lottery Currently Ongoing, Dubai Visa Lottery Application FormOngoing Dubai Visa Lottery Application, How to Apply Here for Dubai Visa Lottery Application Form 2018.

Dubai Visa Lottery Application Form 2018

Dubai Visa Lottery Application Form 2018

Dubai Visa Lottery Application Form 2018

Dubai Visa Lottery Application Form 2018 – Do you in any way wish to apply for the Dubai visa but you have no idea on how to go about it? Do you find the whole procedures complicated? Here is a guideline to help you relief the fear of getting entangled up.

List of Available Dubai Visa Lottery Form.

Before i continue in showing you how to fill the Dubai Visa lottery application form here online, i will have to let you know more about all the available and free Dubai Visa Lottery forms both for students and the working class.

Dubai Visa Lottery Application Form is for all and sundry meaning that your marital status (Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed, Separated, etc.) is not a barrier and the good thing is you are offered equal opportunity.

How to Get Dubai Visa Lottery Successfully.

1. Gather the Required Documents.

Your first step is to ensure that you have all the requirements. Here is a list of the documents required for a Dubai Visa Lottery application in Nigeria.

An original international passport valid for more than 6 (Six) months (you cannot apply for a visa that is less than 6 months old)

Passport copies: Photo page and Bio page (both must be done in color), profession page, expiry page, and any other special endorsement page.

A colored passport photograph with your full name and passport number written on its reverse side
Emirates Airline confirmed ticket.

Color copy of the valid CERPAC and residence permit visa (for Non-Nigerian Nationals only).

PLEASE NOTE: Other documents will be required depending on which travel criteria you meet (read on for more details about this).

2. Check Your Eligibility.

Once you have all the needs, the next step is to see if you meet any travel arrangements to go to Dubai. If you do not meet at least one of these requirements, your visa certificate will be prevented.

Travel information: Travel at least once within the last two (2) years to any UAE, UK, Schengen, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada You have a valid visas for each country. (You will be asked to provide pages in your passport where the visa is filed.)

Financial statements: You can provide an original letter from your bank saying you have a bank account in Nigeria and you have enough money for your stay in Dubai. If you can meet this requirement, you will need to provide your original 6-year subscription with the sign-in stamp on your account and your salary with the authorization of a signed participant (or registered company signature which supports you to travel – if it is traveling). On the other hand, you can make a security deposit equal to $ 1,500 (this will be back when you return to Nigeria and after signing the UAE).

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You and your family members are invited to live in Dubai as a family. (This is important for women, children under the age of 21, and their parents over 60 years of age). If you are traveling to Dubai through this event, you will be required to provide the invitation letter with a contractor contractor to the Emirates Business Department in Dubai and a certificate of registration if a female or a birth certificate is invited. invite children.

You are a student who walks without your parents. In this case, you will need to provide a NOC letter from your parents, parent picture or guardian information, and your student ID card and your address address in the UAE.

3. Decide what type of Dubai Visa Lottery you need.

Cost of Dubai visa from Nigeria
The tourist visa (30 days visa) costs $82, the 14 days visa costs $110, and the 96 hours visa costs $69. Note that all the fees are inclusive of service charges and tax.

4. Complete your application form.

Dubai Visa Lottery Application Download. Complete the image carefully, provide details. Make sure your photos of your passport are of small value (4.3cm x 5.5cm) and are set on white.

After completing the process, attach all the required documentation through a list in the form. Full-text applications are not allowed or those that have missing documents are missing.

5. Submit your form.

Visit the Dubai visa application centre with your documents, form, and other requirements. The centre is located at Block 94, plot 23, Providence Street, Lekki – Epe Expressway, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

The documents to be taken along to the centre in addition to the required documents listed above include:

  • Photocopy of your confirmed airline ticket.
  • Photocopies of the first and last two pages of your international passport

Note that submission of Dubai visa applications is accepted at the centre between 8.00am and 3.00 pm each day.

6. Track your application

After submitting your visa application, give 3-4 working days for your visa to be processed. During the waiting period, you can track the status of your application.

Additional points to note: You can apply for your visa at most 2 months before the date of travel since the visa is valid for just 58 days from the date of issue.

  • The Dubai Visa Lottery is a single entry visa
  • Your entry and exit into the United Arab Emirates must be through the Dubai airport only. But while in the country, you’re allowed to visit any part of it.

You can apply for a Dubai Visa Lottery through a travel agent, tour company, or resident in the UAE. You can also apply through Emirates Airlines — but with the condition of booking a return ticket with the airline.

If you have additional questions about Dubai visa application, send your queries to

Dubai Visa Lottery Application Form 2018

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Malaysia Visa Application 2018 Just Started [APPLY NOW] How To Apply From Any Country For Free

Malaysia Visa Application 2018 – Are you interested in visiting Malaysia? Malaysia is a wonderful country, full of natural beauty, scenic performances, and friendly people. Kuala Lumpur is the main capital city, and the country is one of the commonly visited countries in Asia.

You will need a visa for entrance into the country, and you have to experience certain processes before you can obtain a visa and roam at will in the streets of Malaysia.

Ere you can apply for the Malaysia visa, you need a valid Nigerian Immigration passport (efficacy of at least 30 days after the expected stay). You can easily apply for an immigration passport online or go to the nearest Immigration office in your state or city.

Malaysia Visa Application 2018

Types of Visa

There are two different types of visa:

  1. The VWTR – Visa Without Reference
  2. The VWR – Visa With Reference

‘Visa without Reference’ is awarded to people who will like to visit Malaysia for a holiday, to visit a corresponding or to study, while ‘Visa with Reference’ is awarded to people who need to visit Malaysia for business or investment only and Immigration Department of Malaysia can just approve this type of visa.
The most typical type of visa is the visiting visa – ‘Visa Outwardly Reference.’ Such visas are issued for short or irregular visits, and the purpose of the visit may be to study, visit families/relatives, vacation/holiday, transit visa (just passing through Malaysia).

Apply To Work And Study Now Via The Provided Link

Visa Requirements for ‘Visa Without Reference’

  • Valid Immigration passport and two photocopies of passport page

  • Filled Application form (Form IMM.47) (two copies)

  • Two (2) passport size photograph of applicant

  • Valid return flight ticket (two photocopies)

  • Invitation letter from family and friends (if any)

  • Your Financial Statement

  • Payment of visa fee

Malaysia Visa Application 2018

Note: This type of visa is needed for the social visit only. Applicants will be given a maximum stay of 14 days, and no increase is allowed.

Visa Requirement for Visa With Reference

This type of visa is issued by Malaysian Consulate in Nigeria after Department of Immigration Malaysia has approved your application.

  • Original approval letter from Department of Immigration Malaysia ( plus two photocopies)

  • Valid Immigration passport (plus two photocopies of passport page)

  • Application form (Form IMM.47) plus two photocopies.

  • Two (2) passport size photograph of applicant

  • Valid and confirmed Return Flight Ticket

  • Payment of visa fee

Note: This type of visa is issued for those visiting Malaysia for business purpose. Such visit MUST be sponsored by a local business or company in Malaysia.

The sponsor must pay a deposit of RM 2000 per applicant to the Immigration Department of Malaysia. An applicant will be given a maximum 30 days of stay, and no extension is allowed.

How to Apply for a Malaysian Visa 2018

You can apply for a Malaysian visa at Malaysia High Commission in Abuja. The application process is easy and not stressful if you can provide all the required documents. Candidates are expected to submit their applications personally.
Visa Processing
Malaysia application processing is resolved within 4 to 6 working days of the application submission. You can submit your application from Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm.
Collection time is between 4 pm to 5 pm from Monday to Friday except on public holidays.

Register here


To enter Malaysia:

Passport must be valid for at least six months.
You do not need a visa if you are arriving for business or tourism for 90 days or less.
Immigration officials will assign an entry stamp, known as a social visit pass (visa), in your passport authorizing a stay of up to 90 days.

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